Financing on your terms

A live, automated, and fully transparent Nordic marketplace with a simple solution for SMB's to conquer cash flow issues. Turn receivables into cash instantly.

Launching in the UK early 2017.

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    £20 000

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  • AAA

    £10 000

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    £30 000

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£9 000

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£10 000

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£9 930

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Customers AREX

Peter Barkman

The AREX concept contains the seeds of revolution … Worth checking out!


Lars Albäck

SMEs have been waiting for this for a long time … the entrepreneur gets to set the terms of financing.


Iwa Labs

AREX has been able to create a flexible and transparent concept that increases the financing options available to SMEs.

Iwa Labs

Arctic Container

You get to choose the price for which you are ready to finance your receivables.

Arctic Container