Integrated Invoice Financing Solutions

AREX is an ambitious data-driven FinTech company that offers SMEs an innovative way to sell invoices. Automation allows an SME to receive cash payment from sold invoices as early as within the same day. AREX offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective service, which is integrated with accounting systems, facilitating the work of SMEs and accountants.

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How it works:

Through custom integration with accounting and other financial systems, AREX pulls and analyzes SME data securely and privately to create a comprehensive picture of a company’s health.

Data integration

Using custom APIs with partners, AREX pulls and analyzes SMEs data safely, securely and privately, to create a comprehensive picture of a company health.

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Invoice sales & purchase

SMEs can select which invoices to finance directly within their existing accounting or invoicing system. AREX trading bots will then automatically match the receivables with the appropriate investors based on the characteristics of the invoices and distinct investment strategies of the AREX marketplace participants.

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SMEs receive funding within 24h

Due to the comprehensive data based understanding of our customers, AREX is able to disburse the funds quickly, with 93%* of our customers receiving funding within the same day.

*as of February 2020

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Credit risk is transferred from SMEs to investors

Unlike traditional factoring and bank short-term financing, credit risk is transferred to investors. AREX also creates required accounting entries into the accounting system and handles reminders and debt collection as part of the service.

Asset-light SMEs face increasing financing challenges

These days companies have fewer and fewer fixed assets as businesses move towards the “As-A-Service” model, yet at the same time banks are requiring more collateral against loans. This creates a significant funding gap for SMEs, which is estimated to be around US$2.6 Trillion.
Build and Buy
In the past, companies have needed to buy the assets that were required to run their business. Assets were therefore presented on the balance sheet and easy to use as collateral for bank loans.
Rent, Lease and Subscribe
In contrast with the past, companies nowadays tend not to buy their assets, but prefer to rent or lease the machinery, premises, services and workforce that they require. Thereby making SMEs more asset-light and simultaneously unqualified for traditional lending, which requires fixed assets as collateral.
Data as a new type of asset
In a changing world, data has become an important asset. Unlike many traditional financing solutions, AREX does not require collateral in order to finance an invoice. Instead, we use historical and real-time financial data in our risk analysis.

Demonstrated customer and partner benefits

Thanks to a highly automated system, invoice financing generates little to no extra work for customers and their accountants, while improving agility and releasing time for more productive and value added activities. Some of the other benefits include:

For Partners


Ability to offer high margin integrated invoice financing as a service to your customers


New service with recurring revenue stream


Platform for other value-added services and sales


Competitive advantage and increased brand value


Increased customer retention and satisfaction thanks to a more comprehensive service offering

For Customers


Competitive and transparent pricing

Protection against payment delays & credit losses as credit risk is transferred to the investors

Fully automated and easy financing service with seamless accounting entries


Financing within a day in over 90% of the cases

Flexibility to choose which invoices are sold


Some of our partners

Our investors

Be part of AREX

If you are looking for an automated and flexible solution to finance your invoices with competitive and transparent rates, AREX is here to help. If you are interested in our services through one of our partners, contact us below.

Partner with us: get in touch.

Through partnerships with accounting firms and software providers, AREX offers competitive financing solutions to SMEs that are fully integrated into their accounting and financial processes.

We have a strong track record of successful partnerships with key players in the market with very high end customer conversion rates. Send us a message describing your business and become one of our partners by clicking on the button below.

Are you an SME looking to finance your invoices?

AREX has financed tens of thousands of invoices from hundreds of satisfied SMEs.

If you are looking for an automated and flexible solution to finance your invoices with competitive and transparent rates, AREX is here to help.
Please click the button below If you are interested in our services through one of our partners.

Our Story

Founded in 2014 AREX is an ambitious data-driven Fintech company aiming to bridge capital market liquidity and SME cash flow needs.

Our first product is an automated receivables exchange platform where invoices are converted into a tradable asset class called Exchange Traded Receivables (ETRs). ETRs are then sold on an open market where a single ETR can be purchased by one or multiple investors using automated trading bots. Most of the ETRs are filled within seconds of being listed.

Unlike our competitors, AREX works purely with accounting and software partners to offer seamlessly integrated financing products to SMEs.
As a result SMEs benefit from competitively priced and flexible financing while marketplace participants get attractive risk/return ratios.

The key to AREX’s success lies in our commitment to building rewarding long term relationships with our partners and SMEs. We listen carefully to our partners’ and customers' requirements and align our services accordingly. AREX’s international team consists of people who are committed to empowering SMEs worldwide by bringing them innovative solutions to fulfill their everyday financing needs.

Our key figures

See where we came from and what we have achieved so far.
50 %
of submitted invoices have been financed
50 +
sub-sectors represented on the platform
15 K+
invoices financed through the platform
25 %
of SMEs receive funding on the same day

Meet the team

Indi Tatla

Marketing Director

Ekaterina Sukhova


Estefania Gual

Head of Product

Perttu Jalkanen

Co-founder & CCO

Airto Vienola


Nikolai Hentsch

Co-founder & CCO

David Gualtieri

International Expansion Director

Hannu Krosing

Co-founder & Advisor

Eduardo Alves

Principal Architect

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