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Are you an institutional/professional investor? We’re your gateway to investing in European SMEs–trade in instruments composed of short-term B2B receivables called ETRs.

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Diversified, automated and liquid

AREX (Automated Receivables Exchange) is a live, automated and algorithm-based trading platform, where institutional investors can trade ETRs (Exchange Trade Receivables). AREX enables multiple investors to participate in a single invoice, making their portfolios highly diversified and ensuring much more efficient risk-management.

Because investors and businesses are connected directly on our platform, without a middleman, the total cost of the transaction is reduced by up to 70% for both parties. AREX is creating a new and exciting asset class for professional investors.

A broad variety of SMEs (sector, country and size) use our service. On average, an ETR you may invest in could look something like this:

Receivable: £19 000
Revenue of SME: £3M
ETR Rating: BB (just beneath investment grade)



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