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AREX as a company

The driving forces behind AREX have in the past contributed to Maventa, Wall Street Systems and Skype. Now they’re gathered to work on AREX, an online marketplace aiming to revolutionise how small and medium sized companies access short-term financing. The AREX team is spread around Europe, but most of us are located in Barcelona.

  • Kim Forsman

    Kim Forsman - Founder, CEO

    Kim is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of growth startup experience. His previous financial services company Maventa was founded 2007 and acquired 2013. After the acquisition he came down with his wife to Malta for a sabbatical, which eventually led to the founding of AREX. He's fearless in tackling new challenges and loves to navigate unchartered waters. Being a curious mind with an overarching and insatiable appetite for new skills, he feels home at all but routine.

  • Perttu Jalkanen

    Perttu Jalkanen - Co-founder, CCO

    Perttu is a highly experienced financial software and channel sales executive with 15+ years of experience in developing complex channel-driven businesses. Perttu joined Maventa early on and prior to that was the Head of Global Alliances at Wall Street Systems and Trema. He currently leads business development, channel management, customer acquisition and customer support. Perttu was born and raised in Finland but escaped the harsh winters early on. Over the past 20 years, he has lived and worked in six countries, done business in tens of different countries and visited close to hundred.

  • Hannu Krosing

    Hannu Krosing - Co-founder, Chief Software Architect

    Hannu was the first database architect at Skype and a key player behind the back-end technology until the eBay acquisition in 2005. He has an extensive background in mission-critical system design in international financial services & banking. Hannu is one of the founders of AREX and brings with him critical back-end knowledge and is well connected in the tech, startup and venture capital world.

  • Nikolai Hentsch

    Nikolai Hentsch - Co-founder, Chief Capital Officer

    Nikolai has 8 years of experience in investment banking. Prior to joining AREX, Nikolai was the VP of sales at JP Morgan to institutional investors focusing on Latin America. Before his career in finance, Nikolai was a professional Alpine skier. He competed on an international level and represented his country in two Winter Olympic Games.

AREX Culture

We usually come to work in shorts. If you have witnessed the Barcelonean summer, you know why. But we’re also internet age challengers in a dusty financial services industry, so bespoke suits and shiny shoes are not really our thing.

The cornerstones of our weekly calendar are the Monday morning Weekly Meeting where we queue up tasks for the week and the Friday afternoon Demo Fridays session, which is more about sharing information and achievements and eventually chilling out on our penthouse terrace with a beer in hand.

AREX is a startup so the culture is constantly being formed and you can be a part of forming it. We’re sure we’ll have many more traditions in a year than we do now!

Barcelona as a place to work

  • Buzzling Tech & Startup Scene

    Barcelona has an active startup community with a steady flow of new startup accelerators, incubators, co-working office spaces and meeting venues. This is largely due to Barcelona’s well-connected transportation system both locally and globally, supportive government and low cost of living.

    Want more? Our software expert Eduardo is happy to introduce you to the hacker scene in El Pueblo.

  • Culture for a Lifetime

    It’s not just the medieval architecture and historical museums which make Barcelona a true culture capital–the city has much more to offer. Food and especially the variety of tapas alone are able to leave any food lover with a grin on their face.

    Want more? Get tickets for Camp Nou and join the team in watching El Clásico, or join Matias and Dan for a night out in their favourite underground clubs.

  • Weather & Travel

    With over 1700 hours of yearly sunshine Barcelona offers a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot but bearable summers. Travelling both within and outside Barcelona is a always a good choice. You might want to try for example Girona, Figueres or Montblanc–all easily accessed by train.

    Want more? Our true travellers Perttu and Elysia have the latest travel tips from unknown family destinations to extreme locations with adventures second to none.

We help you and your family move

Moving to a new location is full of twists and turns. Becoming part of our team, we help and guide you through the whole process. We offer the following possibilities:

  • Flights to Barcelona for you and your family

  • A spot at our company flat for one month

  • Assistance in finding you and your family a place to call your own

  • Help in sorting out all the paperwork needed

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