AREX is an innovative invoice-financing platform, where small and medium-sized business (SMBs) can sell their unpaid invoices to enhance their cash flow. Co-founded by a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in companies such as Maventa, Wallstreet Systems, J.P. Morgan and Skype and backed by the renowned U.K. investors Saul and Robin Klein’s LocalGlobe and Finland’s Lifeline Ventures, AREX is building a new asset class in the $74tn global trade credit market.

Unlike similar services provided by banks or factoring companies, AREX offers SMBs total control over the terms of their financing. Meanwhile, because modern technology enables the automation of many processes such as credit ratings, collection and accounting, the cost savings can be passed onto participating companies and investors; AREX charges only 0.25% per invoice financed.

SMBs are the foundation of any European economy and banks aren't doing their job of financing growth in this sector. AREX’s mission is to provide equality and liberation into a sector that has been dominated by banks and the establishment. Smaller companies shouldn't get unfair terms just because financial institutions have rigid processes.

Our values

You're in charge
More control to companies

SMEs should have better control over their finances. You set the terms of your financing and always get the best market price.

You're in charge
Transparency in everything

Banks and the establishment make their profit with hidden costs and obscure pricing models. We say no to hidden costs: all our processes are transparent.

You're in charge
Making things simpler

It's 2016 and finance is stuck in the Middle Ages. Cash flow financing should be as easy and fast as sending a Whatsapp message.


Kim Forsman

Kim Forsman - founder, CEO

Kim is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of growth startup experience. His previous financial services company Maventa was founded in 2007 and grew to become one of the leading European providers in electronic invoicing with over 20,000 corporate clients (biggest e-invoice platform in Nordics). The company was acquired by Visma in 2013. He's fearless in tackling new challenges and loves to navigate unchartered waters. Being a curious mind with an overarching and insatiable appetite for new skills, he feels home at all but routine.

Perttu Jalkanen

Perttu Jalkanen - co-founder, Chief Commercial Officer

Perttu is a highly experienced financial software and channel sales executive with 15+ years of experience in developing complex channel-driven businesses. Perttu joined Maventa early on and prior to that was the Head of Global Alliances at Wall Street Systems (FX and Treasury) and Trema (Treasury). He currently leads business development, channel management, customer acquisition and customer support.

Hannu Krosing

Hannu Krosing - co-founder, Chief Software Architect

Hannu was the first database architect at Skype and a key player behind the back-end technology until the eBay acquisition in 2005. He has an extensive background in mission-critical system design in international financial services and banking. Hannu brings with him critical back-end knowledge and is well connected in the tech, startup and venture capital world.

Nikolai Hentsch

Nikolai Hentsch - co-founder, Chief Capital Officer

Nikolai has 8 years of experience in investment banking. Prior to joining AREX, Nikolai was the VP of sales at JP Morgan to institutional investors focusing on Latin America. Before his career in finance, Nikolai was a professional Alpine skier. He competed on an international level and represented his country in two Winter Olympic Games.

Partners and references

Hannu Kananen

Hannu Kananen

Front Capital Oy

“The new asset class devised by AREX is extremely interesting to professional investors.”

LocalGlobal logo

Robin Klein


“AREX are yet another example of the ambition and brilliance of execution so evident in the Nordic fin-tech sector right now."

LocalGlobal logo

Timo Ahopelto

Lifeline Ventures

“AREX are building an entirely new asset class, that is both a new model for investors, enabling them to participate in SMB financing in a way that simply wasn’t possible before, and a critically important way for small and medium businesses – potentially across the world – to release their working capital."

I want to know how my company can save 80% on financing costs

AREX is an innovative way for SMEs to finance their cash flow